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Section 8000_ARC 173 - Architectural Drawing II, (3units) – (CSU) - Spring 2016 Syllabus
Construction, Maintenance and Utilities Department Architecture and Environmental Design
Pre-requisites & Co-requisites - None - This is a FULL SEMESTER CLASS

Instructor: Patricio J. Gallegos e - m a i l :,
(preferred contact method is through CANVAS) Meeting Times: Mon & Wed 9:45 to 12:20 am-pm
Lecture – 1 hour and Lab 4 hours is Included in the above time frame
Redwood Hall – Room C109 Phone (213) 763-3673 Office Hours: Fridays 8-11 am

Hello and welcome to Architecture 173 - Architectural Drawing II. This course is a face to face class and uses Canvas to augment the learning experience. This course was developed by Patricio J. Gallegos an Adjunct Instructor at LATTC for the purpose of teaching Architecture to College students.

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Course Description
This and architecture drawing class that will focus on construction documents for concrete and masonry construction. The course will cover how these architectural drawings are documents that instruct all the stake holders how to use, build and maintain a high performance building. The course will explain how construction documents made out of concrete and masonry are connected to the life cycle of a building. It covers an integrated building approach as it identifies the deliverables for: programming, (identify the need), design drawings, (identify the solutions), construction documents, (drawings used to build the building), operation / maintain, (as built drawings), and assessment, (analysis for upgrade and improvement). In addition this course will cover CAD, BIM, and GIS tools, LEED Credits, Sustainable Standards and their relationship to a set of construction documents for concrete and masonry construction. The student will develop a simple set of construction documents for concrete and masonry Building.

Learning Outcome
1. Students learn about construction documents by completing a set of construction documents for masonry and concrete.

2. Students learn about building codes and space requirements by putting together a set of construction documents and the process to do future projects.

3. Students learn the use of BIM - Building Information Model to analyze a case study.

4. Students learn Document smart manufacture techniques for building for a green environment development.
5. Students learn about developing an electronic portfolio by working on one, and develop a process for updating and improving that portfolio.

6. Students learn about sustainability in the built environment through the introduction of LEED Standards.

7. Students learn about architectural standards through the use of American Institute of Architects, (AIA), Standards, processes and procedures.


Course Summary:

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